Save The Portable

Hi the board of education will take away the portable with lots of learning resources for french. I wrote a letter and I hope they change their minds. The portable helps me do french.  Also it costs 40 thousand dollars and it costs 8 thousand to run it a year so if you were to use the money you are going to use to move the portable you would have 5 years left of it and 2 thousand dollars left its not fair.

The human body

The human body. Is it not a wonderful thing. All these little white sticks. Well jimmy those are called bones they are not sticks,sticks are made of wood  and bones are made of calcium and water.Calcium comes from yummy milk and all dairy products. Hey you scientist why do we need bones. Well that’s a really good. Bones are in your legs,arms and everywhere on your body and they help you move if you had none you would look like a lose lump of lard. Well I hope you liked my lesson.

Speech Competition

Every year a speech competition takes place in the schools gym and one person from each class and they read a speech that they have prepared and the judges judge each speech and the final three go to another school with other people from the other schools compete to win the competition and the best speech wins  some prize or something. And  I’m going to try to get into the competition and win the prize. My speech is about how a famous video game(minecraft) came to be what it is today. To do a speech you need to something that you are interested in and I am interested in minecraft so that is what I am doing my speech on. So I hope you liked my little speech talk and as always peace out!


Being a good sport or having sportsmanship is being supportive to people on your team or not on your team. You could say go go go to a member on your your team from the side lines or saying good game after a game or race to your opponent . To be a good sport you must be in a good mood so eating a healthy snack with lots of protein before a race or game will help you preform or cheer better. When I play a sport I would expect people from my team to cheer for me on so I will cheer for them. Well I hope you know a bit about sportsmanship you can cheer you teammates on but I really need to get going my friends are racing I need to cheer them on… oh and before you go I need to say one thing peace out.     GO GO GO  (background)

Which Types Of Government Do What?

There are three types of government municipal, Federal and provincial. They all have their own responsibilities lets start with the federal government.

The federal government is in charge of: national security, military, defence , international relations, money, banking and postal service

The provincial government is in charge of: school, education heath care, social assistance, natural resources,licences

The minicipal government is in charge of : libraries, snow removal, transit, building permits, property taxes, water, waste management

Shared by all three: transportation, roads, laws, police, environment, parks, tourism

So now you have a good idea of what type of government and always peace out !

Simple Machine To Lift A Load

Load- The force or weight of the object to be moved

Effort- The amount of force to be put in to move the load

Fulcrum- The point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which is pivots

You can make your work easier by useing simple machines

Simple machines are pulleys, levers and inclined planes. Simple machines were invented to make our lives easier. They were made a long time ago for example a shovel there is a bolder in the road you use a shovel to help get it out. The blade of the shovel acts like a fulcrum and the handle acts like the lever it is so simple. That is where it gets its name.

Pulleys- If you pull one side the other will come up and if you slowly let the one side go  down the other will go down

Levers- Pull one side down and the other side will come up

Inclined Planes- Lets you roll heavy non- lifting objects up into an truck or mountain

I hope you liked my little talk about simple machines and always peace out.

Scientific Forces!

Today in science class I learned about different forces there are 7 types of forces.

1. Tension stretches an object.

2. buoyancy allows the object to float in air or fluids.

3.gravity pushes an object down to the center of the earth.

4.compression squeezes or squashes an object.

5.friction is the resistance when you move an object over another.

6.elastic is a force that can be stretched and squashed and can turn back into its original form.

7.magnetism is the push and pull of a magnet

I hope you like my explanation of scientific forces I will see all you guys later and always peace out.